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We do not store the email addresses of those users who contact us by email. We use this information exclusively for feedback from users in order to answer questions of interest to users and solve problems that arise in the operation of the Game "Jumpoid" (hereinafter referred - Game). We do not transfer or sell this information to third parties for commercial use, except in cases when the user himself agrees to such transfer or requests to transfer this information to third-party services to receive a particular service, or in the following cases:

  • The transfer of such information is necessary in order to investigate, prevent or take measures against illegal actions, fraud, situations involving potential threats to the physical security of any person, or other circumstances provided for by the laws of the Russian Federation
  • We transfer information about our users if Our service is merged or taken over by a third party. In this case, our service warns its users that the information will be transferred and will become the subject of another confidentiality agreement

Collection and use of information

During the use of the Game, the user cannot save his personal data and the personal data of other people. The user has the opportunity to set a name for his game profile and this information is used only by the user of the Game and is not transmitted to external data stores in relation to the device on which the Game is installed.

Data storage

The Game stores statistical data about the game progress and data entered by the user exclusively in its database and folders located on the user's device, access to which is limited by the device's operating system. All data stored in the Game database is not transmitted over a computer network (Internet).

The Game uses third-party hosting and other services provided by Google Inc. and Apple Inc., solely to save a backup copy of the Game data and only by the decision of the users.

Despite the fact that our service owns the software and databases necessary for its operation, users remain the copyright holders of their data.

Making changes

Our service may update and change this Privacy Policy. All changes will be made to this web page.